Videos and Multimedia

Below are links to videos and other multimedia featuring Stuart Pimm.


General Videos

Stuart introduces his book “The World According to Pimm: A Scientist Audits the Earth”

Stuart Pimm excerpt from Documentary “What A Way To Go: Life At The End Of Empire”

Watch Stuart Pimm talk about his life’s work in conservation science

Sparrow in a Coal Mine

Dr. Pimm on Extinction

Dr. Pimm Speaks about Threats to Biodiversity from Global Warming at The Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University

Barcoding Biodiversity: Dr. Pimm talks with scientists in Europe about conservation efforts


Dr. Pimm’s Conservation Work with SavingSpecies

Presentation using Google Earth to demonstrate Dr. Pimm’s conservation science at work for his non-profit organization, SavingSpecies

Dr. Pimm narrates a brief overview of SavingSpecies’ mission

SavingSpecies’ Golden Lion Tamarin Project

Colombian ‘Dracula Orchid’ Conservation Project

Colombia: Brief overview of SavingSpecies’ conservation work to protect orchids and other wildlife


Radio and Audio

On Point with Tom Ashbrook: Species at the Brink

The Diane Rhem Show: Dr. Pimm talks about the Global Extinction Crisis and Biodiversity

Stuart Pimm on ‘The State of Things’ 

Talk of the Nation, Science Friday with Ira Flatow: Climate Change and Biodiversity

BBC’s Science Friction: Tackling the Biodiversity Crisis (Programme 3)

Interview on ‘Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane’: Why Biodiversity Matters

Stuart Pimm on Green Festivals Radio


Birding and Conservation

Stuart talks Birding!, Part 1

Stuart talks Birding!, Part 2

Citizen-Scientist Clive Minton talks about bird conservation

Red Knot Migration:  Stuart Pimm, Clive Minton, and other bird scientists and video of the spectacular shorebird migration


Bioblitz Videos

Stuart Pimm at the 2009 BioBlitz in Indiana

Dr. Pimm’s talks ocean and reef biodiversity and conservation with Sylvia Earle and Nancy Knowlton

Interview with Mary Turnipseed about ocean conservation the ‘public trust’ doctrine

At Biscayne National Park 

BioBlitz en Espanol


Dr. Pimm visits Tanzania in East Africa

Dr. Pimm has tea–and talks conservation–in a Tanzanian hut

Spectacular Tanzania