Media Contributions

Major documentaries. Pimm’s calculations of modern extinction rates were a central part of the BBC’s Horizon documentary of February 5th, 1996, called Nature’s Numbers. (Horizon programmes appear in the U.S.A. as Nova on PBS.). Pimm also appeared in Earth2100, a two-hour special on ABC in June 2009.

FilmsThe 11th Hour, (with Leonardo di Caprio 2007), The Planet (Director Michael Stenberg, 2006), and What a way to go (Director TS Bennett, 2007); Call of Life (Chera van Berg, 2010).

Television. The reintroduction of the Guam Rail was the subject of a 15 minute segment of Discover the World of Science, (host Peter Graves) on public television, January 1989. Pimm’s Everglades work was the subject of a two-part TV documentary on the Outdoors Channel in 1997, segments of two programs of the TV program Birdwatch in 1999, ABC News with Peter Jennings (Friday, April 30th 1999); The News Hour with Jim Lehrer (2003), TV Asahi (Japan), May 11th 1999. They were the subject of an Italian TV (RAI) documentary in 1998 and a CNN program on the new millennium that aired in January 2000. Beyond the Forest Primeval was a 30 minute documentary, written and hosted by Bill Landry of a local, Knoxville, TV station. It contained an extensive interview with Pimm. The program earned Bill Landry an Emmy.

Radio. More than 100 interviews on mostly local radio stations in the USA (such as WHYY, Philadelphia and KPCC, Los Angeles), but also in Australia, Canada, Colombia, and the UK. More widely available broadcasts include National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, and Earthwatch. Highlights include NPR’s “On point” (November 2008), Science Friday (2004), and The Diane Rehm Show (October 2010) and the BBC’s “Science Friction” (September 2007).

Books. Pimm’s work on food webs and the assembly of complex systems appears in these popular science books: ComplexityLife at the edge of Chaos, by Roger Lewin (Macmillan, 1992), Out of Control: Artificial Evolution by Kevin Kelly (Addison Wesley, 1994), and Miracle under the Oaks by William Stevens (Pocket Books, 1995). The reintroduction of the Guam Rail was also the subject of a popular science book And No Birds Sing by Mark Jaffe published in 1994 by Simon and Schuster.

Print. Pimm’s work has been extensively covered by the print media, more than a dozen times by the New York Times, for example, including three times on the front page. is an extensive interview of Pimm by Claudia Dreifus. He has also appeared in The Guardian, The LA Times, and many other leading newspapers.