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Lucas Joppa

Photo of Lucas Joppa.

Lucas Joppa (2009) Microsoft Research: Computational Ecology and Environmental Sciences Group

Lucas Joppa’s focus on the computational, statistical, and modeling aspects of conservation led him to one of the most sophisticated and technologically-savvy research labs in the world: Microsoft Research. At Microsoft Research’s Computational Ecology and Environmental Sciences Group, he leads “efforts at the interface between scientific research and policy implementation – applying our science and tools to help achieve international environmental goals.” Science interviewed Lucas in May 2013 about science-related software and the need for more peer review–that podcast interview can be heard by clicking here.

Recently, Lucas’ work culminated in the publication of a major paper on achieving conservation goals for plants in 6 September 2013 issue of Science. Lucas was the lead author of this study, which found that the world could protect 2/3 of all plant species by conserving only about 20% of all the earth’s land.

Lucas’ software program to track animal movements was profiled in a article. In an video interview on that site, he expressed hope for public participation with the video technology because “it is an important step in addressing fundamental ecological and environmental problems.”

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